VM checkpoint operation failed (0x80070005)

Hyper-V error: Checkpoint operation failed. Checkpoint operation was cancelled. General access denied error 0x80070005. Veeam error: ‘ServerName’ could not initiate a checkpoint operation: General access denied error (0x80070005). Sometime after VM migration between hosts, when one host suddenly goes out, few problems can appear. Sometimes two VMs shows up on Hyper-V host with the same name, […]

How to use #Requires

Function, Script The Simplest way: #Requires -Version 3.0 #Requires -Modules ActiveDirectory, DnsClient #Requires -RunAsAdministrator or #Requires -Version 3.0 -Modules ActiveDirectory, DnsClient -RunAsAdministrator if you require exact version: #Requires -Modules PPoShSqlTools, @{ModuleName=”PPoShTools”;ModuleVersion=”1.0.5″} Module # # Module manifest file .psm1 # @{ ModuleVersion = ‘1.0.0’ PowerShellVersion = ‘5.0’ RequiredModules = @(‘PPoShTools’,’PPoShSqlTools’) }

Hyper-V: Remove all VMs snapshots

A few days ago we got a job. Once again update all Windows Server. Because after previous updates we had some problems I decided to do checkpoints for ALL VMs. When asked “How we will remove them?” I said, “This will be one line in PowerShell”. Because it is one line, however, it took me […]